Best Wood Types To Use On Shelves

Best Wood Types To Use On Shelves

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Wooden shelves are the more popular option nowadays, even after the introduction of plastic shelves. This is mostly because wood is the sturdier of the two materials and also because we are more used to wooden shelves. But there are different wood types in the market and these all have different properties that make them more suitable for a type of shelf. Depending on your need and the weight that the wood shelf has to carry, you will have to figure out which wood type if best suited for your work.


Plywood is the main wood that is most favored nowadays. There are different grades for manufactured plywood. Plywood is the more famous one used for retail shop fitting Melbourne and kitchen counters. The smoothness and the appearance (which is basically the lack of knots on the surface) determine the grade of the plywood. Plywood is the cheaper of the different wood types that you will find on the market and is the better deal if you plan on making many shelves. Experts recommend going for furniture grade plywood if you want to showcase your shelves in the living room or the dining room. Plywood with a grade B or grade C are good to go inside your garage as it basically needs to serve the purpose of holding your items.

Cherry wood

Considered one of the more beauteous of wood types due to its rich red color, cherry wood is great to have for your shelves. It is a hardwood so it is good at keeping up the quality of wood for a long time and the durability of the shelves would be high as well. But it lightweight when comparing to other hardwood types so it is far easier to handle when you are doing your own shelving. Cherry wood is the best type of wood to have on your retail fitting if you plan on doing a good display as the wood’s color deepens and becomes richer with time.

Pine wood

Pinewood is the more sought after in the market due to its durability, quality and cheapness of buying it. Pinewood is a great wood to use for shelves that you plan on changing in appearance frequently. You can clean the paint and repaint easily over pinewood and you can even stain the wood. It is lighter and softwood so easy to handle when you are doing DIY shelves for your house. Pine does not hold extreme amounts of pressure on it so use it for shelves to store ornaments and such. Read this article to find out more about the company that delivers office fitouts.

There is Koa wood for shelves that last a lifetime, Mahogany for classic beautiful shelves, Paduak for eye-catching orange shelves, and Red Oak shelves for sturdiness and easy for maintenance.

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