The Process Of Packing And Packaging Supplies

The Process Of Packing And Packaging Supplies

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We cover or pack everything that is precious for us or is closer to our heart that is the way through which we try to protect our possessions. Protective covering for every object has been introduced in the market varying from smart phone cover to laptop cover. Now, when these objects whether covered or not covered needs to be shifted from one place to another then they are packed inside boxes so that they will not get broken or damaged. Various objects are packed differently; fragile objects are packed with two to three layers around them whereas sturdy stuff does not need that much of packing layers around it as there are less chances of it getting broken while transferring it from one location to another location. So, in this article we are going to put highlight on packing and packaging supplies.

Packing and packaging supplies:

Basically, the process of packing and packaging supplies are inter-dependent upon one another because every object that is manufactured from the factory is first packed by any material that is to protect the object and then this material in huge numbers is placed inside large boxes in which supplies are transported, imported or exported throughout the world. So, we can say that packing is an act of sealing things whereas packaging of supplies is comparatively a longer process. In packaging process, packed goods are further placed into bigger boxes like printed paper bags Australia, courier bags, bubble envelops, cardboard, cartons or any other such things which are then transported, imported and exported all across the world.

Three types of packaging:

There are three major types of packaging, starting from corrugated boxes which are commonly used to carry heavier products in it like appliances, electronics, vegetables, wine, etc. Then these boxes are supplied or shipped in huge numbers from manufacturers to purchasers. Then there is a type of packaging done in cardboard boxes or boxboard cartons, this is thin layer of packaging in which cereal, shoes, toys and other such light weight things are carried around. Last type of packaging is done by paper bags and sacks. In this type of packaging, grocery, flour, fast food and other such material is delivered. Visit for rigid gift boxes.

Levels of packaging supplies:

Besides the types of packaging, there are three levels of packaging supplies. There is primary packaging supply level in which the packaging most closely touches the product, it is the first covering of a product and is also known as retail packaging. Then there is secondary packaging level in which primarily packed product is shipped to protect brand and provide branding during shipping. Tertiary packaging level includes the packaging of secondary packaging; this type of packaging is done by warehouses and then is shipped.


Packaging supplies is the process of packing the sealed products in corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes or paper bags. Primary level, secondary level and tertiary level are three different levels of packaging supplies. “Custom printed bags and boxes” are highly recommendable for ultimate gift bags, paper bags and boxes.

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